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"Premise of the Good"


New Affordable and Modern in the Bronx? Via Verde is now open.


Located at Brook Avenue and E 156th Street in the Bronx, Via Verde benefits from all of the amenities of “The Hub” and is only two-stops from Manhattan.


This new modern residency reminds me of Castle Braid located in Bushwick Brooklyn.

I admire projects like this.  Not only is it affordable but it adds value to the neighborhood and adds gentrification (which is a great thing).

Seeing something like this gives me hope that the Waterfront in Sunset Park will have some awesome renovations in the near future.

Architects are constantly advancing themselves through physics and new material to bring people the best use out of modern spaces.

Take a look below at  an already built and for rent apartments and townhouses near the 2 and 5 trains.

Apply Here: http://viaverdenyc.com/sites/viaverdenyc.com/files/via_verde_full_application-120419.pdf

Beauty Subscriptions

Good Day,


I know this is off topic but recently Ms. Jazbot has been part of these monthly beauty subscriptions and ladies are very much interested in these awesome boxes of monthly goodies.


Here is her favorite one Birchbox.

Birchbox sends 4-5 Monthly goodies for only $10. a month. Some box values range between $20-$60 a month depending on the box variation and samples/deluxe or full size products being sent out.


They have awesome customer service and as well as point system.  The point system works like this.  For every product you receive you are aloud to review the product for 10 points.  Every 100 points gets you $10.00 in their shop which can be applied to the items they are selling.


How awesome is that?


Sign up below now! There is a wait list!





DeadStock Ric Open Bar Loft Event 3/31

Open Bar
Life Performances
Great Vibes
Be there!


A Sunday In Brooklyn

By now I am sure you guys know how much I ❤ my Borough.  It’s more of an infatuation I will admit it. But the beauty of it, one cannot deny. From Modern to its Heritage Brooklyn is truly a combination of Old and New.

Lil Friday EPK- Peep that BKR Fitted!


Happy Brooklyn Day!

In celebration of Brooklyn and Queens Day!

Santiago Riddim (Sunday Tunes)